© Luca Concas

Tribute to Pier Paolo Pasolini

Frammenti Infernali

in collaboration with Istituto Superiore di Studi Musicali “Giuseppe Verdi”
text and direction Andrea de Luca
music composed by the students of Mauro Montalbettis Composition course
Mariacostanza D’Agostino, Gabriel De Pace, Damiano Ferretti

Andrea de Luca voice
Felicita Brusoni soprano
Carolina Lidia Facchi soprano
Valeria Matrosova soprano
Valentina Piovano soprano

in collaboration with the 2nd level Master in Vocal Music and Musical Theatre of the 20th century and contemporary
edited by Alda Caiello

Ensemble 20.21
conductor Mariacostanza D’Agostino
Chiara Locoverde oboe
Marta Savini horn
Matteo Sanchioni guitar
Lorenzo Mercuriali, Asia Minguzzi percussions


«Right as we are writing these lyrics and music, a war is being waged close to home, closer than any other war. This could induce aphasia, as if no voice can be raised other than the voice of violence between States and interest groups.» Yet, the authors feel a strong urge to make their own statement on this subject in the language of the stage, without straying too far from their initial inspiration, Pasolini’s Divine Mimesis. A reinterpretation of Dante’s Comedy,Pasolini’s work offered a searing critique of Italian society in the 1960s and 1970s, or, as the author said, it «pitted the medieval Hell, with its old punishments, against a neo-capitalist Hell». This suggestion now becomes the starting point for an original text conceived to complement the score of the Frammenti Infernali, which proceeds by apparitions, suggesting a personal journey with an eye to the present.

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