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Ravenna Festival in Cervia – Milano Marittima
Il Trebbo in musica 2.1

Federico Buffa
Amici Fragili
The story of the meeting between Gigi Riva and Fabrizio De André

by Marco Caronna and Federico Buffa

Marco Caronna guitars, vocals, guitars, percussions
Alessandro Nidi piano
direction Marco Caronna

Production International Music and Arts
national summer preview

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In 1969, an unpredictable trajectory led Gigi Riva to cross paths with Fabrizio De André: two young men who had come to represent the popular imagination of their generation. “Roaring Thunder” Riva had just played in Genova, where “Faber” De André used to stay up all night with his guitar. They held each other in mutual esteem, but needed the contribution of a few whiskeys and countless cigarettes to break the deadlock. They found a common ground that transcended their talents into a shared instinct to overthrow the established order: precisely like Riva’s Cagliari FC, the spoilsport and future winner of the Italian professional league. That night was one of a kind. Assuming they would never meet again, they sealed their friendship by an exchange of gifts: the bomber left with a guitar, and the singer-songwriter with the legendary white jersey number 11.

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