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Tribute to Pier Paolo Pasolini
Pierfrancesco Pisani presents
Il sogno di una cosa

freely adapted from Pier Paolo Pasolini’s masterpiece
by and with Elio Germano e Teho Teardo

with the contribution of

In Friuli, the lives of three young men are cut short by the hardships of the world: the misery of the peasant milieu, the experience of migration, the political struggles, and then the integration into the middle-class of the booming economy. They yearn for happiness and a comfortable life abroad, develop a political consciousness, dream of revolution, then yield to the compromises of adulthood, likely to meet a work-related death.
In his first narrative experiment, Pasolini speaks in the voices of those who fled poverty-stricken post-war Italy to illegally enter Yugoslavia, attracted by the Communist utopia and by the promise of work and food for everyone. A counter-exodus on the Balkan route, across the same border that today’s refugees try to reach to enter Italy: we seem to have forgotten it, but just a short way back, we were the ones who resorted to passeurs.

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The event will be streamed starting from 3 July at 9.30 pm on ravennafestival.live