© Jenny Carboni

Edipo a Colono

by Ruggero Cappuccio
freely inspired by the work by Sofocle
direction Rimas Tuminas

Edipo Claudio Di Palma
Antigone Marina Sorrenti
Creonte Fulvio Cauteruccio
Capocoro Franca Abategiovanni
Polinice Giulio Cancelli
Teseo Davide Paciolla
Ismene Rossella Pugliese

choir Nicolò Battista, Martina Carpino, Cinzia Cordella, Simona Fredella, Gianluca Merolli, Enzo Mirone, Francesca Morgante, Erika Pagan, Alessandra Roca, Piera Russo, Lorenzo Scalzo

set and costume design Adomas Jacovskis
lighting design Eugenius Sabaliauskas
music Faustas Latenas
assistant director Gabriele Tuminaite
choirmaster Tadas Shumskas
choreography Anzelica Cholina

production Teatro Stabile Napoli-Teatro Nazionale, Fondazione Campania dei Festival-Napoli Teatro Festival Italia

In re-writing Sophocles’s tragedy, Ruggero Cappuccio comes to a place of remembrance, suspended in time. A place where the indelible marks of classical antiquity are reflected in the atmosphere of XX-century psychoanalysis and struggles for power. The characters’ instinct and reason are now re-kindled in Italian, contaminated from the inside by the vitality of Sicilian and Neapolitan: an ancestral polyphony in eleven- and seven-syllable verses intended to light up the blind king’s tragedy. The process of self-knowledge reveals that beauty and pain are in a very close relationship, and that Art is not intended to heal wounds. And the nature of the relationship between man and his own self is not a new subject for discussion, but rather an eternal one. This is what Oedipus reveals to us.

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