For technical and safety reasons, owing to a fallen tree, the Ravenna Festival’s Direction has decided to move this event, scheduled at the Arena dello Stadio dei Pini, to the Palazzo dei Congressi in Milano Marittima (viale Jelenia Gora 12, starting at 9.30 pm).

All the tickets already bought are confirmed, including the seat number as included in the ticket.
The online presale has been suspended, tickets can be purchased from the Box Office of the Alighieri Theatre (also by phone +39 0544 249244), and, one hour before the performance, from the Box Office in the Palazzo dei Congressi di Milano Marittima (mobile +39 331 1795599)

Il Trebbo in musica 2.3

Donne Guerriere
with Ginevra Di Marco and Gaia Nanni

Francesco Magnelli keyboards and magnellophones 
Andrea Salvadori guitars, tzouras and electronics

based on an idea by Francesco Magnelli
dramaturgy Manuela Critelli and Gianfranco Pedullà
original music and music dramaturgy Ginevra Di Marco, Francesco Magnelli and Andrea Salvadori
direction Gianfranco Pedullà

collaboration to the actors’ movements Paola Vezzosi
set design Franco Venturi
lighting design Gianni Pollini
sound design Vladimir Jagodic
costume design Alessandrajane

with the contribution of

Words, poems, tales, songs and emblematic gestures are the weapons of the warrior women that the show revives in a mix of music and theatre, a kaleidoscope of dramatic snippets in different languages. Women who have fought and are still fighting against violence and discrimination; women whose choices and lives have written some authentic and indelible pages in our memory. Entrusted to the voice of Ginevra Di Marco and the performance of Gaia Nanni, here’s a parade of the unforgettable stories of Rosa Parks, Nilde Iotti, Anna Magnani, Virginia Woolf, the unmissable popular singers Rosa Balistreri and Caterina Bueno, as well as the unknown stories of other working class and peasant women, down to the autobiographies of the two artists on stage, themselves fighters, like all contemporary women.

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