In templo Domini – Liturgies in the Basilicas

Coro Ecce Novum
Gruppo Vocale Teleion

choirmaster Luca Buzzavi

Riccardo Tanesini organ
conductor Silvia Biasini

Flesh and heaven, matter and spirit, body and soul. Philosophical and religious thought have always struggled with the irreconcilable dualism within which the dramatic human existence unfolds. In the Gospel of John, a declaration marks a watershed in human history: «the Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us» (Et Verbum caro factum est). It was made flesh through the flesh of Mary, «the one who gave to human nature / so much nobility that its Creator / did not disdain His being made its creature». In this very special and tragic year, the “In Templo Domini” liturgies will be dedicated to Mary, while the Festival’s Paths of Friendship project will stop off at Lourdes, where the suffering flesh of mankind looks for a fountain of life, consolation and hope.

The Programme