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Ravenna Festival in Cervia – Milano Marittima
Il Trebbo in musica 2.1

Convivio. Dante and the Folk Singers
with Ambrogio Sparagna and Peppe Servillo

Ambrogio Sparagna portative organ and vocals
Peppe Servillo vocals
Erasmo Treglia hurdy-gurdy, trumpet violin and shawm
Clara Graziano portative organ
Raffaello Simeoni vocals, guitar, and folk winds
Marco Iamele zampogna and shawm
Alessia Salvucci tambourines
Anna Rita Colaianni vocals
Mario Incudine vocals and guitar
and with the children choir Libere Note led by Catia Gori
with the participation of Marco Pierfederici keyboard

with the contribution of

It is known that Dante’s greatness extends well beyond the bounds of the “educated” élite to reach into the “popular” world. It is also well known that, over the centuries, his verses have influenced and entered the oral tradition of poetic production, inspiring, for example, the meters and themes of the precious practice of improvised poetry in ottava rima, which still survives in central Italy. And thus, a seven-century-long thread connects the songs and music of this Dante-inspired Convivio: Ambrogio Sparagna, along with some valiant travelling companions and an expert, multifaceted ensemble, will orchestrate the narrative, from the episode of Paolo and Francesca to the stories of Ulysses and Count Ugolino, punctuated by music “in the old way”.

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