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Il Trebbo in musica 2.3

Tribute to Grazia Deledda (1871-1936)
con Grazia

with Sandra Petrignani writer
Francesca Gatto actress

Suoni e voci dalla Sardegna
Luigi Lai launeddas
Elena Ledda vocals
Mauro Palmas mandola, liuto cantabile

in collaboration with “Associazione Grazia Deledda, a Nobel in Cervia”

with the contribution of

Listening to the sound of the launeddas is like diving into the memory of an archaic, primitive people: pure emotion. No one better than 91-year-old Luigi Lai can convey all the magic and charm of the three reed pipes of this ancient instrument, whose origins are lost in the mystery of the Nuragic civilisation. And who better than he, combined with the thick, unmistakable texture of Elena Ledda’s voice, could provide the backdrop for the extraordinary human and professional story of the only Italian winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, awarded to Grazia Deledda in 1926. Words and sounds will be blown by the wind, combining Sardinian traditions with Deledda’s love for the “beautiful and windy Cervia”, where she spent her summers for 15 years. This wind is a mirror of the inner self, a metaphor of destiny.

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