Colapesce Dimartino
Lux Eterna Beach

Orchestra La Corelli
conduction and arrangements Davide Rossi

curated by Piefrancesco Pacoda

production Ravenna Festival

In the context of Italian pop music, the story of Colapesce Dimartino is perhaps the most convincing grassroots success story of recent years: two Sicilian singer-songwriters with a perfect indie background have achieved the rare feat of conquering the Sanremo stage and radio airplay without compromising their artistic stature. Their secret? Understanding how much depth and how much need (first and foremost those of the listener) can lurk in the impalpable body of easy-listening music, which they turn into “super-easy-listening”. «Words without mystery / allegro ma non troppo», to suit a world that «prefers the noise of crowded subways / to that of the sea»: melodies that are reminiscent of Franco Battiato, shimmering with existential dazzle, epiphanies from two masters of pop music.