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Creative Caravan Along Dante’s Way
from Florence to Ravenna

22 July, Thursday
the route: San Godenzo-San Benedetto km 16.5 (elevation gain + 760) 6 hours

Piazza Santa Croce, 7 am
“Per seguire virtute e conoscenza” Young poetry and music around Dante (Flash Mob)

San Benedetto in Alpe
Camping Acquacheta, 7:45 pm
Gluttony. The musical recipes – Guest Franco Arminio
Benedictine Abbey, 9:15 pm
Orchestra Popolare Italiana “Il Dante cantato”

23 July, Friday
the route: San Benedetto-Marradi km 22 (elevation gain + 600) 12 hours

Piazza Scalelle, 7 pm
The Diabolic Commedia (Teatro Ragazzi & Famiglie)
La colombaia, 7:45 pm
Gluttony. The musical recipes – Guest Mario Incudine
Piazza Scalelle, 9:15 pm
“Le laude“ with Raffaello Simeoni, Anna Rita Colaianni, Mario Incudine

24 July, Saturday
the route: Brisighella-Oriolo dei Fichi km 17 (elevation gain+ 200) 5 hours

Oriolo dei Fichi
piazzetta Torre di Oriolo, 7 pm
The Diabolic Commedia (Teatro Ragazzi & Famiglie)
La Taverna di Oriolo, 7:45 pm
Gluttony. The musical recipes – Guest Iaia Forte
Torre di Oriolo, 9:15 pm
Lost Love Songs

25 July, Sunday
the route: Chiusa San Marco-Tomb of Dante km 7.5 (elevation gain+ 0) 2 hours (dep. 10:30 am)

Giardino Chiusa San Marco, 10 am
The Dantesque Tales by Mario Incudine (Storyteller)
Piazza San Francesco, 12
Arrival of the Creative Caravan
Ambrogio Sparagna and Choir Libere Note

Along the route Dantesque improvisations: Acquacheta, Eremo di Gamogna, Pieve del Tho – Brisighella

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Why set out on a hike with Dante? Because walking is a “Dantesque” form of art. And because walking through a landscape is an act of art, which can transform one’s point of view and way of listening. Because creating poems, songs, stories and artworks together with the ‘Poet of Exile’ will be an extraordinary opportunity, good for one’s soul and heart. Musicians, singers, poets, ottava rimaimprovisers, musical chefs, puppeteers and hikers will set off together, walking from Florence to Ravenna to celebrate the Supreme Poet in the places where he lived, in the 700thanniversary of his death. This highly symbolic event opens in Florence, touches on charming villages and on the places Dante celebrated, to end with a concert in the Apennines, near Ravenna.