In considerazione delle negative previsioni meteo, la Direzione di Ravenna Festival ha deciso di spostare al Palazzo dei Congressi (sempre con inizio alle ore 21.30) il concerto previsto questa sera all’Arena dello Stadio dei Pini di Cervia.
Tutti i biglietti sono confermati.

Il Trebbo in musica 2.2

Avvenne a Napoli
A Passion for voice and piano

Eduardo De Crescenzo vocals and accordion
Julian Oliver Mazzariello piano 

with an introduction by Federico Vacalebre

with the contribution of

In the years between the late XIX and the early XX century, in Naples, the fortunate merging of the city’s cultural fabric with a few great artistic personalities gave birth to a new genre and repertoire sung in the Neapolitan language. Although not a direct descendant of the opera, the Neapolitan song shared with it its melodic passion, as well as the key role of the performer, called upon to interpret the verses of indisputable poets and infuse them with new life. Eduardo De Crescenzo, after pursuing such different routes as jazz and singer-songwriting, now pays tribute to his masters and lends his voice to the portrait of a poetic, cultivated Naples, steeped in sentiment yet far removed from any folklorism. His accordion will duet with Mazzariello’s piano in search of the spirit of the classic Neapolitan song in all its unparalleled modernity.

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