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Antigone Quartet Concert
A Reading in Music

dramaturgical elaboration, mise en espace and performance by Elena Bucci and Marco Sgrosso
original music, live performance (keys and violin) Dimitri Sillato
sound dramaturgy Raffaele Bassetti and Elena Bucci
sound curatorship Raffaele Bassetti
set curatorship Elena Bucci
set curatorship assistant Nicoletta Fabbri

The following show was born from the above-mentioned project:
“Antigone – una strategia del rito”
direction Elena Bucci
production Centro Teatrale Bresciano / artistic collaboration Le Belle Bandiere

* Photos by Umberto Favretto from “Antigone” production Centro Teatrale Bresciano / artistic collaboration Le Belle Bandiere

Ethics and law exist symbiotically. Without the law, ethics has no strength; without a solid moral guide, human justice simply ends up in its opposite. This is one of the fundamental messages of Sophocles’ Antigone, a timeless classic that still speaks to us with surprising topicality. The ancient tragedy will be the basis for this creation by two of the greatest contemporary Italian actors, Elena Bucci and Marco Sgrosso (Company Le Belle Bandiere), who will cover all the roles in Sophocles’ play. Bathed in the evocative light of the Ancient Port of Classe, their words will rediscover their ancient rhythmic depth through the sounds of Raffaele Bassetti and the original music of Dimitri Sillato, two of the Company’s historical collaborators.

Thanks to the collaboration with Fondazione RavennAntica, on the occasion of the Ravenna Festival’s events, it is possibile to book a free guided tour of the archeological site of the Ancient Port (via Marabina 7): mandatory reservation, ph. +39 0544 478100

1h 10’ without intermission

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