Le 100 percussioni
All You Can Play
Alejandro Oliva de  and Diego Occhiali

in collaboration with
Officina del Ritmo
Festival delle Culture 2019
Accademia di Belle Arti di Ravenna

Have you ever thought about playing pots, bins, containers? Grab a wooden spoon, choose an everyday object (either a small pot, a pan, or a plastic food container) and take them to the Darsena PopUp to join the rhythm of a musical improvisation. All You Can Play is a new event to get involved, a chance – also for those who are not musicians – to fall in with the rhythm. It takes place at the Darsena Pop-Up a context tied to the maritime identity of Ravenna, therefore to the city’s vocation for dialogue, exchange, sharing between cultures, ideas, rhythms. Thus the rite of making music together can be celebrated in what is a kind of temple of re-use, a creative and chameleonic space where everything is possible. Even an orchestra of pots and bins.

Alejandro Oliva is one of the founders and the present music director of La Bomba de Tiempo, created in 2006 by Santiago Vázquez with the aim of exploring rhythm to produce a powerful music to dance to, able to truly represent – also through improvisation – all the influences of the multi-faceted and lively culture in Buenos Aires.

The event is also a preview of the Festival delle Culture and a collection of re-used object will be put at the participants’ disposal, after being decorated by the students of the Accademia di Belle Arti di Ravenna with Paola Babini and Andrea Chiesi as supervisor.

Free entrance (minimum age to participate: 12)
INFO +39 342 1002345

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