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Ravenna Festival in Cervia – Milano Marittima
Il Trebbo in musica 2.1

A riveder le stelle
from the book of the same title by Aldo Cazzullo (Mondadori, 2020)

by and with Aldo Cazzullo
with the participation of Piero Pelù

direction Angelo Generali

with the contribution of

Italy was born from Dante’s verses: this unshakable conviction led Aldo Cazzullo to write about the Supreme Poet in his 700thanniversary, and his book—already a ‘classic’ bestseller—is named after the final verse of Dante’s Inferno. His detailed retracing of Dante’s journey allows us to appreciate its contemporary relevance: women conceived as God’s masterpiece, the typically Italian ability of reinventing oneself, and the blaming of those who allow their own interests to get in the way of the public interest. Adapted for the stage by Angelo Generali (who had already worked on books by Augias, Sgarbi, Massini and Don Gallo), the book will see another born and bread Florentine, Piero Pelù, steer the music of Dante’s verses towards “rock“.

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