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Il Trebbo in musica 2.3

A futura memoria
Dedicated to Anna Politkovskaya

with Valentina Lodovini narrator

FontanaMix String Quartet 
Valentino Corvino violin I
Giacomo Scarponi violin II
Corrado Carnevali viola
Sebastiano Severi cello

adattamento teatrale di Lucia La Gatta

music by Dmítrij Šostakóvič, Aram Khachaturian, Boris Ljatošyns’kyj and Valentino Corvino

with the contribution of

“I live my life and write what I see”. This most famous statement sums up the life of a woman who knew no boundaries between work and private life. Anna Politkovskaya was a fearless journalist, a woman who would never be silent or compromise, but she paid for this choice with her life when she was brutally murdered in Moscow in October 2006. She was well aware of history’s omissions and of the silence that surrounds difficult or embarrassing truths. Valentina Lodovini now gives voice and body to her ideas and to her tireless search for truth, freedom and justice, interweaving her words with the music of three Russian composers of the XX century, who themselves suffered censorship by Stalin’s regime.

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