The 100 Electric Guitars
We Sing the Body Electric

The Blues of the Deltas. From the Mississippi to the Po river
(and vice versa)

Port of Porto Garibaldi, 7 pm
Guitars in Blues
Musical happenings feat. electric guitars – soloists and groups – along the pedestrian area of the port of Porto Garibaldi

Piazzale Paradiso, 9.30 pm
Don Antonio plays
Sunset Adriatico Blues
Two Deltas, many worlds, one sound

with the participation of
Vince Vallicelli drum kit and percussions
Eugenio Finardi guitar and voice

Don Antonio guitar

Denis Valentini bass
Roberto Villa double bass

Matteo Monti drum kit
Franz Valtieri saxophones
Gianni Perinelli saxophones

Gionata Costa cello
Andrea Costa violin
Nicola Perouk keyboards

in collaborazione con Strade Blu

Taking a cue from Antonio Gramentieri-Don Antonio’s Mediterranean-blues brew, an enlarged idea of blues emerges, constantly shifting between the two shores of the ocean and our own sea: on stage, a large, multi-faceted group that incorporates the “American lesson” as well as Mediterranean suggestions blending Asian and African scents.
The concert pays dutiful tribute to the African-American tradition through the voice of Eugenio Finardi, a great performer whose feet are firmly planted on both sides of the Atlantic. To complete the picture, Vince Vallicelli will perform some tracks from his album La Fevra, another cross-cultural mix of Romagna, Africa and Mississippi.

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