Auditorium di San Romualdo - Sacrario dei Caduti - Ravenna Festival

Following the Battle of Ravenna (1512), the Camaldolese monks decided to move from the Basilica of Sant’Apollinare in Classe to an area they owned within the safer city walls.
It was here that they built a new abbey, where they treasured some book editions that would later give life to the Classense Library, and a small church dedicated to St Romuald, the founder of their Congregation. The first stone was laid in 1630 to a design by Ravenna architect Luca Danesi.
The interior of the church housed works by artists such as Guercino and Giorgio Vasari, as well as other works by Giovanni Battista Barbiani and Marcantonio Franceschini, most of which are now in the city’s art gallery.
In 1798, following the Napoleonic requisitions, the church was stripped of most of its furnishings and turned into a museum, then, in 1935, into a Memorial to the Fallen in war and in captivity.
Further restored, after having been the seat of the Museo del Risorgimento (Museum of the Italian Unification) for many years, it is now a music venue for the city’s orchestras.

Getting here

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