Following the flood that affected Lugo, the exhibition has been moved from the Pescherie della Rocca in Lugo to the National Museum of Ravenna.

Roberto Masotti
You Tourned the Tables on Me
photography exhibition curated by Silvia Lelli

115 portraits of the most well-known contemporary musicians from all around the world,
such as John Cage, Philip Glass, Brian Eno, Steve Reich, Michael Nyman,
Demetrio Stratos, and many others.

21 June, 6 pm (Music Day)
7.30 pm I still have my hands
performance feat. Luca Maria Baldini electric guitar and live electronics

Who would ever imagine that an old and battered coffee table, purchased at a gypsy camp on the outskirts of Milan on a sunny afternoon in May 1974, could be the protagonist of a veritable ‘cult’ in the photo collections and books of the latter half of the 20th century?
Only the visionary, stubborn and ironic spirit of Roberto Masotti, photographer “of music” par excellence, could have made it the essential prop for portraying, from ’74 to ’81, the leading names from the most disparate musical worlds: no less than 115 artists, ranging from Juan Hidalgo to Philip Glass, from Luciano Berio to John Cage, from Michael Nyman to Steve Lacy, who actually suggested the title for the collection—a pun on an old Broadway song that Billie Holiday loved to sing, You Turned the Tables On Me.

from Tuesday to Friday 8.30-19.30
Saturday and Sunday 8.30-14
first Sunday of the month and 23 July 8.30-19.30

Info +39 0544 213902

The photo book You Tourned the Tables on Me can be purchased online (50 Euro – shipping to Italy included)

Seipersei edizioni ISBN 9791281174009
You tourned the tables on me
Photographies by Roberto Masotti / Lelli e Masotti Archivio
Texts by R. Masotti, Franco Masotti, Daniel Charles
Biographies and discography curated by Roberto Valentino