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Ravenna, June 25 – The Direction of Ravenna Festival informs that – following the weather alerts sent out yesterday and confirmed today by the Emilia-Romagna Region weather service – the concert of Xavier de Maistre and Lucero Tena, scheduled for tonight at Chiostro della Biblioteca Classense, will take place at Teatro Alighieri. The concert starts at 21.30.

The New-Found Song of the Lyre

Xavier de Maistre harp
Lucero Tena castanets

music Mateo Pérez de Albéniz, Antonio Soler, Enrique Granados, Jesús Guridi, Francisco Tárrega, Manuel de Falla

Lucero Tena was just four years old when she touched castanets for the first time, and she never left them: today, at the age of eighty and after an impressive career as the legend of flamenco, she still puts her heart and soul into this small yet powerful instrument, which, in her virtuoso hands, “converses” with the most important symphony orchestras. This is how she met the French Xavier De Maistre, a young and promising harpist, always keen on the expressive potential of his instrument. For her, he transcribed such celebrated orchestral scores as Smetana’s Ma Vlast, or some piano or guitar works by Albéniz, Soler and Granados, re-proposed by his unconventional solo harp. Two strong personalities, two distant generations, joined in the search for new mixtures and unexplored sounds.

1st Part 35’ – Intermission 15’ – 2nd Part 40’
Total 1h 30’

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