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Young Artists for Dante

Creative residence for
Who Cares?
Dialoghi tra coreografi del Mediterraneo

within Sedimenti
a section of the project Petrolio. Uomo e Natura nell’era dell’Antropocene
Associazione Basilicata 1799
a project of
Matera 2019 – Capitale Europea della Cultura

co-produced by Fondazione Matera-Basilicata 2019 e Associazione Basilicata 1799
in a partnership with Associazione Culturale Cantieri, Associazione Culturale Danza Urbana, Asociación Cultural Las Voces Humanas, Associazione Mosaico Danza, Cooperativa Anghiari Dance Hub, Fondazione Fabbrica Europa, Ravenna Festival, Maqamat Beit El Raqs, Network Anticorpi XL

curator of Sedimenti Massimo Carosi
tutor Marco Mazzoni
mentors Omar Rajeh, Selina Bassini
production director Luca Nava

choreographers Bassam Abou Diab (Lebanon), Yeinner Chicas (Spain-Nicaragua),
Olimpia Fortuni (Italy), Leonardo Maietto (Italy)

Who Cares? Dialogues between choreographers of the Mediterranean countries
Thanks to the dialogue with Cantieri Danza, that since 1994 has supported the development and practice of an original auteur and research dance, the Festival features among the partners of Sedimenti, a section of the project Petrolio which is dedicated to the relationship between man and nature within Matera 2019. Ravenna has thus become the creative residence for four young choreographers and dancers from Mediterranean countries (Olimpia Fortuni and Leonardo Maietto from Italy, Bassam Abou Diab from Lebanon, Nicaraguan Yeinner Chicas from Spain), while the Ancient Franciscan Cloisters hosts the work-in-progress creation Who Cares?, before its official debut in Matera. The Mediterranean is the focus and heart of the project, as a “sea surrounded by lands” whose vocation is to unite rather than separate. Devising methods for sharing and co-creating, and involving choreographers with different background, training, vision represents a pivotal cultural challenge, and also a chance to activate new routes of choreographic research.

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