organista Peter Stevens
direttore Martin Baker

musiche di Giovanni Battista Crivelli, Jean Baptiste François Lallouette, Johann Sebastian Bach, William Byrd, Benjamin Britten, Felix Mendelssohn- Bartholdy, James Leith Macbeth Bain, Henry Purcell, Peter Hurford, Franz Schubert, Gustav Holst

When performed in sacred places, music deploys an evocative power that makes it act as a go-between for heaven and earth. From the London cathedral to the Ravenna Basilica, the repertoire proposed by the Westminster Cathedral Boys Choir is an ode to the celestial energy of music. It will fill the mosaic-covered vaults with the songs which, over the centuries, have voiced man’s attempt to rise above daily troubles: the classics of choral repertoire, Schubert to Britten, Bach to Crivelli, performed by one of the world’s most famous ensembles. The group, alternating daily Cathedral service with frequent international tours, can enthral the listener into a unique polyphonic experience, a journey into the territories of spirituality.