Michael Nyman pianoforte

Michael Nyman Band
Gabrielle Lester violino
Ian Humphries violino
Kate Musker viola
Tony Hinnigan violoncello
David Roach saxofoni
Simon Haram saxofoni
Andy Findon saxofono e flauto
Toby Coles tromba
Paul Gardham corno francese
Nigel Barr trombone
Martin Elliott basso elettrico

Phil Jackson tour manager
Ralph Harrison fonico di sala
Dick Crabbe fonico di palco

The general public learned to know him through the cinema: his soundtracks permeate the visionary works of Peter Greenaway (The Draughtsman’s Contract, A Zed & Two Noughts, Drowning by Numbers, Prospero’s Books), but success came with the poignant score for Jane Campion’s masterpiece, The Piano. His Water Dances, re-proposed by Nicola Piovani in Nanni Moretti’s La stanza del figlio, will undoubtedly have a central role this evening with their water theme. A master of minimalism comparable to Philip Glass and Steve Reich, Nyman builds his very personal melodies on a synthesis of various elements – baroque to electronics, folk to sacred music – with unmistakable results that make him one of the greatest living composers.