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Dante Vespers
Vox in Bestia

A handbook of Divine Beasts
A project by Laura Catrani for solo voice, narrator, and video animations

Laura Catrani soprano
Tiziano Scarpa texts and narration

video animations Gianluigi Toccafondo

music by
Fabrizio de Rossi Re Inferno
Matteo Franceschini Purgatorio
Alessandro Solbiati Paradiso

first live performance

Cerberus, snake, eagle, lark, bee, pelican, swan, goshawk and crane. An extraordinary poetic bestiary lives in the infinite complexity of the Commedia—fantastic, symbolic, yet real: Dante’s imaginary beasts provide a link between men and God, between the souls of the dead and the divine light. Thus, the three cantichebecome three poetic places, which the animal metaphors charge with symbolical meaning. Nine scenes will come alive through the scores for solo voice by Fabrizio de Rossi Re, Matteo Franceschini and Alessandro Solbiati, accompanied by the verses of one of our most original contemporary authors, Tiziano Scarpa, and the video animations by Gianluigi Toccafondo to underscore the relevance of words and sounds.

The Programme