© Luca Concas

Vinicio Capossela
Bestiario d’Amore

Orchestra Bruno Maderna
conductor Stefano Nanni
music by Vinicio Capossela

adaptation of Li Bestiaires d’Amours (Bestiaire d’amour) by Richard de Fournival
translation by Francesco Zambon

“In times of pestilence, we must talk about love.” Prophetic as usual, Vinicio Capossela interprets the era of “liquid music” in increasingly complex, ambitious and narrative works. His Bestiary of Love is a loose cannon of orchestral song-writing, both popular and philological, dedicated to all the forms love can take, and modelled on medieval bestiaries like Richard de Fournival’s XII-century Bestiaire d’amour. Capossela’s taste for the playful deconstruction of taxonomy had already showed up at the Festival in 2014, with a tribute to Saint-Saëns in his Carnival of the Animals and Other Love Beasts. The new project intends to reveal that “people in love are monsters overwhelmed by a need of showing themselves. And, since we cannot do without love, we will celebrate it in the form of a bestiary.”

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