© Luca Concas

Vinicio Capossela

Narrazioni, piano, voce e strumenti pandemoniali
with Vincenzo Vasi

The word, from Ancient Greek, combines pan, ‘all’, with ‘demon’, to describe the place where all demons live, as opposed to pan theos, the place for all gods.
It will be a concert for all demons, where musical instruments evoke the mythical Pandemonium, a sort of giant fairground organ, completely metallic, built by the thriving race of dwarfs of King Laurin in their underground kingdom in the Dolomites, where they mined the mountains for valuable ores. Such chthonic nature gave the instrument a low-pitched tone that confines rhythms and harmonies within a lower, primitive dimension, which cannot rise to the sky and rather sinks into the earth, down to the level of perpetual fire, where memories are forever stirred by white fire.
‘Pandemonium’ is also the title Capossela gave to the daily column he kept during the lockdown, a sort of daily almanac where he revealed the stories behind his songs as well as the stories from a seemingly motionless but constantly changing present.
‘Pandemonium’ is a narrative concert whose tracklist features songs freely chosen from Capossela’s repertoire, which this year celebrates the thirtieth anniversary of his first album, All’una e trentacinque circa (1990).

The Programme