Fondazione Cirko Vertigo
Vertigo Galà

with Carlos Rodrigo Parra Zavala, Vladimir Ježić, Jonnathan Lemos, Emmanuel Caro, Elena Andreasi, Rachele Grassi, Filippo Vivi, Riccardo Serra

lighting design Max Vesco
lighting technician Beatrice Fornacca
sound technician Alessandro Campion

production blucinQue Nice
in collaboration with Fondazione Cirko Vertigo
in collaboration with Tozzi Green and the Caseificio Buon Pastore

While Alexandre Duarte performs sinuous choreographies on aerial silks, Carlos Rodrigo Parra Zavala masters the ancient art of the Chinese pole with strength and agility, and Vladimir Ježić’s golden-flags act pays homage to Vivaldi’s Griselda in an original lip-sync inspired by the steps of Sufi whirling dervishes. Then, Jonathan Lemos showcases an incredible juggling act with his white balls; the tightrope walker Emmanuel Caro gracefully balances on a thin wire, and Elena Andreasi introduces us to aerial hammock dance. All this while aerial acrobat Rachele Grassi performs solo with a hoop, and then in an elegant and acrobatic pas de deux with Emmanuel. These are some of the new acts performed by the talented artists of Cirko Vertigo, a renowned international training centre for circus arts for over 20 years.