In the Veins of America

Ute Lemper
Glamour and Rage in America

Ute Lemper voice
Vana Gierig piano
Cyril Gierig violin
Romain Lecuyer double bass
Zeno De Rossi percussions

Ute Lemper sings America through the words and notes of Bob Dylan, Cole Porter, Tom Waits, down to the self-destructive extravagance of Charles Bukowski. An America that praises itself and swallows itself up, creates heroes only to despise them, is pleased and indignant at one and the same time: glamorous Hollywood and Broadway on one side; revolt, intolerance and political commitment on the other. These bipolar but contiguous worlds, shifting between irritation and fascination, merge in Lemper’s legendary artistic personality: after giving new life to the great women of European song, she now explores the contradictions of a country whose only certainty is the scornful destruction and immediate reconstruction of desires.

1h 30’ without intermission

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