© Angelo Palmieri

The Festival in Forlì
Homage to Domenico Modugno
Uomini in Frac
a project by Peppe Servillo and Furio Di Castri

music director Furio Di Castri
voice Peppe Servillo

Javier Girotto sax
Fabrizio Bosso trumpet
Rita Marcotulli piano
Furio Di Castri double bass
Mattia Barbieri drums

What is jazz? What is a classic? Such questions serve as a starting point for the new research of Peppe Servillo and Furio Di Castri, who, after tackling Frank Zappa’s music in Zapping, now involve the best musicians on the Italian rock and jazz scene in a tribute to Domenico Modugno, “Mister Volare”, whose voice has accompanied Italians in the years of the economic boom, introducing them to post-modernity. Modugno radically transformed the tradition of Italian song: while his “belcanto” style was firmly rooted in tradition, it also had the strength of a new language that couldn’t care less about fashions or trends, and quickly became a true classic. Now jazz, typically unafraid of the classics, reinvents it with playful, poetic and warm-hearted confidence: and the remake enhances the original.

The Programme