Country Dances (1976)
coreografia Twyla Tharp
musica American Folk
Santo Loquasto
luci Jennifer Tipton
interpreti John Selya, Amy Ruggiero, Eva Trapp, Kaitlyn Gilliland
prima rappresentazione 1976, Edimburgo, Scozia

Beethoven Opus 130
coreografia Twyla Tharp
musica Ludwig van Beethoven
costumi Norma Kamali
luci Stephen Terry
interpreti Matthew Dibble con Kaitlyn Gilliland,
Daniel Baker, Ramona Kelley, Amy Ruggiero, Eva Trapp, Nicholas Coppula, Reed Tankersley
anteprima mondiale

Brahms Paganini (1980)
coreografia Twyla Tharp
musica Johannes Brahms
costumi Ralph Lauren
luci Jennifer Tipton
Libro I: Reed Tankersley
Libro II: Daniel Baker, Ramona Kelley, Amy Ruggiero, Nicholas Coppula
con Kaitlyn Gilliland
prima rappresentazione 1980, Dayton, Ohio

con il patrocinio dell’Ambasciata degli Stati Uniti d’America in Italia

Eclectic Twyla Tharp, celebrating five decades of dance-making in 2015, is an “outsider” for her ability to range from post-modern experiment to Hollywood’s pop flavours (see for example her choreographies for Milos Forman’s Hair), and her ease with both neo-classical dancers as Baryshnikov and contemporary groups. Her omnivorous curiosity about dance is unveiled in tonight’s threefold bill. On the one hand are the remote Country Dances (1976), tasting like rural America; on the other are the dizzying virtuosity of Brahms’s Variations on a Theme by Paganini. Finally, a peek at Tharp’s nearest future with a new work, Beethoven Opus 130, created for one of her longtime dancers, Matthew Dibble.

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