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Tre per una. Tribute to Mina

Danilo Rea
Massimo Moriconi
Alfredo Golino

narrator Massimiliano Pani

She is the one and only, bold and bewitching, open and outrageous, matchless, charismatic, divine: in a word, Mina. She has just turned eighty, her career spanning over more than 60 years, 40 of which spent in self-imposed exile from the public and the world. With this radical choice, she disappeared from public view to become a mere pure voice that unpredictably but regularly returns with its unmistakable intensity and solid technique. Mina’s extraordinary life and career will be celebrated at the Ravenna Festival in a tribute by three of her frequent collaborators, jazz musicians Danilo Rea (piano), Massimo Moriconi (bass) and Alfredo Golino (drums). A sophisticated connoisseur of all musical genres, Mina has always surrounded herself with eclectic and talented musicians. Rea, Moriconi and Golino have arranged her albums and featured in a kaleidoscope of “studio live” recordings, with hundreds different takes, all extraordinary and bravely brimming with quality music. It will be a journey into Mina’s best known songs, from Non credere and E se domani to Io e te da soli, all re-proposed in new, unprecedented versions. Massimiliano Pani, Mina’s own eldest son, collaborator and producer, will narrate the songs alternating the trio’s personal re-interpretations with episodes from the recording sessions.

The Programme