© Jenny Carboni

Revolutions in Music
The invention of the Afrobeat

Tony Allen “Film of Life”

Tony Allen drums

Cesar Anot bass
Jean François Kellner guitar
Jean Phi Dary keys
Nicolas Giraud trumpet
Yann Jankielewicz sax and keys
Patrick Gorce percussions

in collaboration with Comune di Russi

The legend of Tony Allen is a combination of lightness, economy, resistance, and musicality: for 15 years and through a discography of over 50 albums, Allen punctuated the tempo of Afrobeat together with Fela Kuti and the Africa 70 band, infusing the African rhythms with a new power which contributed to the the development of the Western sound pop. If Afrobeat is today one of the most influential African genres in the world, it also owes to this “Yoruba shaman”, a self-taught, imaginative experimenter whose unmistakable rhythm rightly features in the dictionary of music. In Film of Life Allen keeps all the promises of Afrobeat… and something more, flirting with jazz, bepop, and pop. The beat? Neat but flexible, always irresistible.

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