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The Festival in Russi
The great night of the folk dance

Orchestrona di Forlimpopoli

Bevano Est
Stefano Delvecchio diatonic button accordion, vocals
Davide Castiglia violin
Giampiero Cignani clarinets

Paola Sabbatani vocals

This an open call for everyone to come and dance under the stars, on the riverbank before the ancient palace, to the notes of the Orchestrona! Founded twenty years ago by Daniele Castiglia, the Orchestrona of the Forlimpopoli School of Popular Music brings together professional musicians as well as students. Their setlist will include all the “classics” and “standards” of the School, a solid repertoire that teachers and students have assembled over the years selecting traditional music from most European countries. Two special guests will also feature alongside the Orchestrona: vocalist Paola Sabbatani, and a refined but enthralling folk band, Bevano Est, who revive the oldest and most significant dance repertoire of the Romagna popular tradition, existing well before the birth of ballo liscio.

The Programme