© Marco Parollo

Fanny & Alexander, Muziektheater Transparant, Claron McFadden,
Emanuele Wiltsch Barberio

The Garden

Video-concert polyptych for voice and electronic music
concept, direction, and video 
Luigi De Angelis
costume design (video) Chiara Lagani
vocals Claron McFadden
music – live looping Emanuele Wiltsch Barberio
sound direction Damiano Meacci (Tempo Reale)

performers (video) Andrea Argentieri, Mirto Baliani, Consuelo Battiston, Ilenia Carrone, Marco Cavalcoli, Mirko Ciorciari, Adama Gueye, Chiara Lagani, Beth Lihem, Roberto Magnani, Fiorenza Menni, Mauro Milone, Joshua Maduro, Marco Molduzzi, Stefano Toma
management Marco Molduzzi, Maria Donnoli

production Muziektheater Transparant, E Production/Fanny & Alexander
coproduction Romaeuropa Festival, Klarafestival in collaboration with Cosmo Venezia

Why is suffering such a frequent subject in art? Is there a sublime beauty in it? What responsibility do we have in watching the suffering of others? In order to answer these questions, Luigi De Angelis, Claron McFadden and Emanuele Wiltsch Barberio set up a gallery of lamentations and musical memories ranging from Monteverdi to Bach, from Nina Simone to Giovanni Legrenzi, through Barbara Strozzi or John Dowland. The voice of McFadden is the emotional witness of a video polyptych where the echoes of a contemporary Passion are explored: seven Christological figures inspired by recent news, with other contemporary characters of evangelical inspiration, fill the screens in a Via Dolorosa for the eyes and senses.

The Programme