© Luca Concas

In the Veins of America

Terry Riley
In C
for ensemble

curated by Tempo Reale
(Francesco Canavese and Francesco Giomi maestri concertatori)

in collaboration with Istituto Musicale “Giuseppe Verdi” of Ravenna, Scuola Comunale “Giuseppe Sarti” of Faenza, Istituto Musicale “Angelo Masini” of Forlì and Liceo Musicale Statale of Forlì

and with the participation of
Roberto Paci Dalò clarinet

Alfred Frankenstein, the San Francisco Chronicle’s music critic, reviewed the première of In C at the Tape Center (Nov 4, 1964) as “music like none other on earth”. If the precept for Minimalism can be traced back to Mies van der Rohe’s famous aphorism, “Less is more”, In C superbly encapsulates the sober, geometric aesthetic of minimal music right from its title: minimal materials, reiteration, duration, and a crystal-clear, plainly audible compositional process. Its bare score has had an enormous and lasting influence on over half a century of music: from Steve Reich, who contributed the idea of a steady “pulse” to the piece and played it in the première, to Philip Glass, the Who, and down to dance and techno music. In short: without In C, the music we know today would not be the same.

45’ without intermission

The programme