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The 100 Percussions
The 100 Percussions: final concert
Tamburi nella notte by Michele Tadini
Percussion orchestra
Antonio Caggiano conductor and soloist

with Domenico Candellori, Diego Occhiali, Marco Zanotti, Daniele Sabatani

new composition for percussions commissioned by Ravenna Festival
world premiere

in collaboration with Accademia Musicale Chigiana

The 100 Percussions – carnet € 60 (except the Trekking Concert)

Free roundtrip shuttle service for the events at the Pala De André, leaving from Piazza Farini (in front of the train station).
Departure times: 8.15 pm and 8.30 pm

The drums in Brecht’s play are usually said to stand for rebellion. Reference is clearly made to the strong, rebellious will, the primeval call that is inherent in the very idea of percussions. Movement and rupture.
Yet there is another fundamental aspect of drums: their association with rituals and with the cyclical nature of time. Ecstasy and trance. The gigantic ensemble, with its multifarious sounds and references, will play on this ambivalence. This long journey into and around the world’s oldest instrument will give us both an ecstatic admiration for its timbre and repetitive rhythmic cycle and its violent, explosive outburst. Circular time vs. Linear time. Ritual and rupture. Hypnosis and movement. Stasis and dance.
Have a nice trip.
Michele Tadini

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