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Stefano Bollani
Piano Variations on Jesus Christ Superstar
in the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the album by Andrew Lloyd Webber & Tim Rice

Piano solo

Stefano Bollani is an artist that can only be praised—a national pride in an era when flags are something we would gladly get rid of. He has recorded all sorts of music at the highest levels, spanning Italian song to ECM chamber jazz, tributes to Zappa as well as imitations of pop singers, reckless improvisations, suave bossa nova, orchestral projects or surprising solo concerts. Like the best jazz musicians, he does not need to invent music: he rather contains it, and can literally do whatever he wants with it. This is one of the reasons why his concerts are “places of the mind“ where time stops flowing, and the old and the new get blurred. Today, with a truly remarkable eclecticism, he tries his hand at the score Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice created for Jesus Christ Superstar 50 years ago.

The Programme