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Nerval Teatro
Sinfonia Beckettiana
A Journey through the imagination of Samuel Beckett and Alberto Giacometti

concept Maurizio Lupinelli and Elisa Pol
direction Maurizio Lupinelli
assistant director Elisa Pol
costume design Maria Chiara Grotto
light design Filippo Trambusti

with Paolo Faccenda, Gianluca Mannari, Francesco Mastrocinque, Federica Rinaldi, Cesare Tedesco

music Arvo Pärt, Valentin Silvestrov
piano Matteo Ramon Arevalos
violin Stefano Gullo

production Nerval Teatro, Ravenna Festival
with the support of Regione Toscana-Settore Spettacolo, Armunia Festival Inequilibrio
in collaboration with Cooperativa Sociale Nuovo Futuro

Like two bewildered brothers, Beckett and Giacometti knew each other well; their arts had a lot in common, and the irresolute characters of the first resembled the statues of the second: slender, disturbing, almost about to disappear. Nerval Teatro, the creature of Maurizio Lupinelli and Elisa Pol, has been carrying out workshops for people with disabilities for years now. Their “symphony”, especially staged for the Ravenna Festival, will feature five such actors grappling with the classics of Beckett’s theatre with a complement of Giacometti’s imagery and the music of Arvo Pärt and Valentin Silvestrov, performed live as an essential component. The actors’ spontaneous and disarming levity will bring to life the visions of Beckett and Giacometti.

About 1h and 5′ without intermission

The programme