© Angelo Palmieri

Simply Quartet
1st prize in the 7th International Chamber Music Competition “Joseph Haydn”

Danfeng Shen, Wenting Zhang violins
Xiang Lü viola
Ivan Valentin Hollup Roald cello

Franz Joseph Haydn
String quartet n. 41 in G major, Op. 33 no. 5 “Wie geht es dir?” (How are you?) Russian Quartets no. 5

Béla Bartók
String quartet no. 3, Sz. 85

Franz Schubert
String quartet in D minor “Der Tod un das Mädchen” (Death and the Maiden), D. 810

in collaboration with European Chamber Music Academy – Scuola di Musica di Fiesole

The Festival’s appointment with the “noble” sounds of a string quartet by the ancient cloister well of the Classense Library is now a tradition, and welcomes top-quality young ensembles. Among them is Simply Quartet, the winner of a number of prestigious awards in 2017, like the Haydn Competition (Vienna). The “father” of classicism could not be missing from their programme, which features his op. 33, filled with theatrical echoes and looking towards Mozart. Haydn provides a solid introduction for the persuasive expression of Schubert’s quartet Death and the Maiden, named after an earlier Lied by the same title. The programme also features music by Bartók, a wonderful synthesis of tonality and atonality, counterpoint, Hungarian folk music, melodic song-writing and tonal experimentation.

1st Part 35’ – Intermission 10’ – 2nd Part 40’
Total 1h 25’

The programme