Sergio Bernal Dance Company
A show inspired by the Spanish culture and the Gypsy spirit, between dizzying solos and refined pas de deux and pas de trois

choreography Sergio Bernal, Ricardo Cue, Raúl Dominguez, Miriam Mendoza, Jose Manuel Benitez, José Manuel Álvarez

Cruz Díez Orchestra
cantaores Blanca Paloma, Roberto Lorente
music Coetus, Beyoncé, Raúl Dominguez, Max Richter, Daniel Jurado, Camille Saint-Saëns, Stromae

Italian premiere

When his silhouette appears on the stage, slender yet powerful, the audience is instantly captivated and forever entranced by his first feline leap: Sergio Bernal, the Spanish dance star, is the dancer of the moment. Now, together with his company, he renews the excitement with SeR, a performance in which the bailaor/basilarin, as lithe as a cat and as nimble as a panther, takes centre stage. The charismatic “Ser” Sergio offers original choreographies (many of which he creates himself) to a ‘playlist’ that ranges from Beyoncé to Vivaldi, from Saint-Saëns to live music. A visionary story told through tableaux that combine the elegance of ballet, the geometries of contemporary dance, the fire and passion of flamenco and the supreme expression of gypsy culture.