© Luca Concas

Se resistere dipende dal cuore
Ascoltando Amelia Rosselli

by and with Elena Bucci and Luigi Ceccarelli
on texts by Amelia Rosselli processed and performed by Elena Bucci

Luigi Ceccarelli performer, live electronics
lighting design Daria Grispino
sound diffusion Andrea Veneri

production Edison Studio, Le belle bandiere, Nuova Consonanza, Ravenna Festival

An experimental synthesis of voice and sound, suspended between writing and improvisation, takes us back to the sister roots of these arts. The pure, authentic voice of Amelia Rosselli reveals her soul and turns to music: her amalgamation of languages, her tortured syntax, monotone and hypnotic, her anger and her sweetness. Rosselli has now inspired a work that blends life and art, combining interviews, biographies, stories, photographs, her powerful, ironic and heartbreaking poetry, her insidious illness, her unusual and complex family. Her mystery is not solved, but grows, leaving a trail of questions as the dance of Luigi and Elena continues. Sound and voice are born of each other, sketching an ever-changing sonic narrative: they offer glimpses of the mystery of a woman and a poet who at times withdraws from the world or gives herself to it, reviving our nostalgia for a place we all come from.

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