Orchestra Giovanile Luigi Cherubini
Riccardo Muti

Simone Nicoletta clarinet

Franz Schubert
Ouverture im italianischen Stile in C major, op. 170 D 591

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Clarinet Concerto in A major K 622

Alfredo Catalani

Ferruccio Busoni
Turandot, orchestra suite op. 41 BV 248

«Everything in these pages is a sorrowful confession, serene wisdom transformed into sound, enlightened knowledge of beauty, happiness, and the transience of life» (Paumgartner). Mozart completed his final notes for Concerto K 622 in October 1791, just weeks before his untimely death, and there is no telling what other musical wonders he could have created, had he not passed away so soon. This clarinet masterpiece is now performed by Simone Nicoletta, an Italian talent who honed his skills in the “workshop” of the Cherubini Orchestra. The model that inspired Schubert’s overture in 1817, composed in a Vienna dominated by the genius of Rossini, is also Italian. Indeed, Italy’s interaction and exchanges with Europe were never interrupted: for example, witness Catalani’s Wagner-inspired poetic flow (1878), or Busoni’s bold innovations on Carlo Gozzi’s play (1905).