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Tribute to Ruggiero Ricci in the centenary of his birth

Orchestra Giovanile Luigi Cherubini
Riccardo Muti

violin Wilfried Hedenborg

Gioachino Rossini
Il viaggio a Reims Ouverture

Niccolò Paganini
Concerto for violin and orchestra no. 4 in D minor

Ludwig van Beethoven
Symphony no. 7 in A major Op. 92

The son of an Italian music-lover who had reached the US in the early XX century to work as a miner, Ruggiero Ricci débuted in San Francisco in 1928 at the age of ten, and soon gained a worldwide reputation. Wilfried Hedenborg, a Vienna Philharmonic violinist for almost three decades, was just a little older when he became his student at the Mozarteum in Salzburg in 1989. “Ricci was much more than a teacher to me: a grandfather, a colleague, a friend who followed me in the most important period of my growth as a musician and as a man”, he says. To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Ricci’s birth, Hedenborg will interpret the Paganini concerto he was most famous for, under the baton of Maestro Muti, on a violin especially made in memory of Ricci and of his famous Guarnieri del Gesù.

1st Part 45’ – Intermission 20’ – 2nd Part 40’
Total 1h 45’

The programme