Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Rondo in la minore K511

Franz Schubert
“Impromptus” Libro I D899
“Impromptus” Libro II D935

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si ringrazia l’Ambasciata del Giappone in Italia

“I spend all day around my pianos. My back, shoulders and brain need a rest, but my fingers never tire”. To Mitsuko Uchida, studying is the way to get to the core of music, to reach those special moments where sound opens up to ineffable joy – moments that the legendary Japanese pianist (a Londoner by adoption) has been offering her audiences for almost half a century. This undisputed protagonist of twentieth-century music, with elective affinities with Boulez and the Berlin Philharmonic, returns to perform one of her favourite authors with her typical blend of elegance and passion, wisdom and boldness: Schubert’s Impromptus, whose elusive, apparently simple lyrical fits can touch the strings of the deepest emotions.