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Presentation of the book “Vai all’inferno, Dante!”
Editore Rizzoli (2020)

by and with Luigi Garlando

in collaboration with Istituzione Biblioteca Classense

Imagine Dante dealing with Vasco Guidobaldi, a 14-year-old bully from the richest family in Florence… Garlando regales us with the tale of their unheard-of encounter: a teen-age bully, petty criminal, animal abuser and Fortnitechampion is challenged and defeated online by one mysterious Dante who addresses him in rhyming verses (O Guidobaldi, becca Montaperti! / Or mi conoscerai, vil Ghibellino. / Ben ti convien tenere gli occhi aperti). The unruly yob and the baffling gamer become friends: Vasco is introduced to courtly love, follows Dante in his distant infatuation with Beatrice, visits kids in Meyer Children’s Hospital. For his part, Dante is galvanised by rap, becomes a supporter of Fiorentina football club, then disappears into thin air. Where? Why? We won’t spoil more.