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Via Sancti Romualdi 2017
Noises of time between reform and revolution
Pavel Florenskij
from the philosophy of beauty to the Solovki gulag

speaker Natalino Valentini
philosopher, director of the ISSR in Rimini and curator of the Italian editions of P.A. Florenskij’s work
reciting voice Elena Bucci
introduction Giorgio Gualdrini

The conference will be followed by a guided tour dedicated to some of the icons of the National Museum

in collaboration with Associazione Romagna-Camaldoli

Pavel Florensky – the “Russian Leonardo da Vinci”, born in 1882 and shot dead in 1937 after serving in the Solovki Gulag in northern Russia – is one of the most significant and surprising figures in the Russian religious school of thought, and is now acknowledged as one of the greatest European minds of the 20th century. First and foremost, Orthodox presbyter Florensky was a science philosopher, a physicist, a mathematician, an electrical engineer, an epistemologist, a philosopher of religion and theologian, an art theoretician, and a scholar in the fields of aesthetics, symbolism, semiotics and philosophy of language. Neglected for over fifty years, a considerable part of his vast cultural heritage has now gradually come to light, revealing his stature as a “giant” of philosophical, theological and scientific thought.