Tribute to Pier Paolo Pasolini
Film Festival

Pasolini prossimo nostro (2006)

directed by Giuseppe Bertolucci

in collaboration with Rocca Cinema

A cry of alarm and a lucid invective where reality and fiction overlap, this documentary combines still frames from Pasolini’s last and highly controversial film, Salò or the 120 Days of Sodom,with images and an interview taken by Gideon Bachmann, with the director’s quiet, unmistakable voice emerging from the industrious buzz of the film set. Picking from over 50 hours of unpublished conversations, 10,000 feet of footage, 7,200 photos taken on the set by Deborah Beer, hundreds of audio transcripts, Giuseppe Bertolucci has assembled the ultimate documentary on the last few weeks in the life of Pasolini, the desperate and unheeded prophet of a society devastated by cultural standardisation and by the abuses of power… a society that has its most brutal allegory in Pasolini’s Salò.

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