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Orlando Consort
The Birth of the Renaissance

music by Johannes Ciconia, Guillaume Dufay, Johannes Ockeghem, Antoine Busnoys, Gilles Binchois,
Hayne van Ghizeghem, Robert Morton, Loyset Compère, Antoine Brumel, Francisco de Peñalosa,
Francisco de La Torre, Josquin Desprez

The onset of the Renaissance in music takes place in the different countries of the Old Continent between the XV and early XVI centuries. Such are the space-time coordinates for this selection of sacred and secular pieces in Latin and Romance languages, conceived for musical chapels in Italy, Spain, France and the Netherlands, and now re-proposed by the Orlando Consort. Since its 1988 début in the Early Music Network of Great Britain, the prestigious male vocal quartet has made a worldwide reputation for unparalleled quality and ductility, with forays in jazz as well as world music. Unquestionably among the most authoritative interpreters of medieval and Renaissance polyphony, the Orlando Consort will once again transform the most rigorous research on compositional techniques and notation systems into the most explosive expression of the “rebirth” and aesthetic renewal of music.

The event will be streamed starting from 2 July at 9.30 pm on ravennafestival.live

The Programme