© Angelo Palmieri

Vespers at San Vitale

Solo sax project

music by
Dimitri Grechi Espinoza sax

Programme 19 June
Dark & Light
Life into the Sea
The Man
The Mountain
Rattlesnake and the Animals
The Soul
Moon & Plants
To Woman ReCreatio End

Programme 20 June
La Nube
The Mountain
Sua Maestà

This performance, the second step on the Oreb project for solo sax, is the fruit of my experimentation in composition, based on my knowledge of the canons of western classical music and those of other musical cultures on this planet. Each piece tells of an aspect of Nature and its creation. The compositions are based on both modal and tonal harmony principles. I used the method of repetition/small variation of limited melodic/rhythmic sequences, and established a dialogue with the reverberation of the musical architecture and the harmonics this generates in order to produce, with a monophonic instrument and without any kind of overdubs, a genuine polyphony. My principal aim is to lead the listener, through the sound and the musical form, to rediscover that interior reverberation from which all music springs.

Full programme “Vespers at San Vitale”