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Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio
A wooden island

conductor Mario Tronco

Houcine Ataa, Tunisia voice
Emanuele Bultrini, Italy guitars
Gaetano Palumbo, Italy sax
Andrea Pesce, Italy piano and keyboards
Awalys Ernesto Lopez Maturell, Cuba drum kit
Omar Lopez Valle, Cuba trumpet, flugelhorn
Carlos Paz Duque, Ecuador voice, pan pipes
Pino Pecorelli, Italy double bass, electric bass guitar
El Hadji Yeri Samb, Senegal percussions and voice
Raul “El Cuervo” Scebba, Argentina percussions
Kaw Dialy Mady Sissoko, Senegal voice, kora
Ziad Trabelsi, Tunisia oud, voice

Corvino Produzioni

A wooden island (L’isola di legno) has emerged from the seas of the world thanks to the visionary spirit of Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio, a multi-ethnic magmatic ensemble of musicians sharing a programme of rhythm and notes, created in the Esquilino neighbourhood in Rome in 2002. Fifteen years of exchange and complicity have now shaped the soundscapes of L’Isola, the iridescent portrait of the group’s journey in the world of songs. The group’s leader, Mario Tronco, channels the band’s variable moods into exotic and irresistible mixtures of oud, flugelhorns, Andean flutes and guitars. Their music narrates of people who meet, tell tales and exchange memories within endlessly shifting horizons, and audiences are easily bewitched.

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