© Marco Parollo

Tribute to Pier Paolo Pasolini

Calēre (paths)
Transitus animae

screenplay and direction Eugenio Sideri
assistant director Gabriele Tesauri
on the stage Enrico Caravita, Carlo Giannelli Garavini, Maurizio Lupinelli, Chiara Sarcona, Patrizia Bollini, Marco Montanari, Giada Marisi

Ensemble Voces Cordis conducted by Elisabetta Agostini
Claudio Rigotti, Anna Rigotti, Laura Rigotti, Decio Biavati

lighting designer Filippo Trambusti
set and costume designer Francesca Tagliavini
make-up artist Arianna Farolfi
assistant directors Marco Santachiara, Tania Eviani
photo Marco Parollo

production secretary and communication Nicole Benevelli, Valentina Donatti
management and curatorship 
Carlotta Ghizzoni

coproduction Ravenna Festival and NoveTeatro
in collaboration with Lady Godiva Teatro


Inside a house. A family home in Romagna. Characters move within a familiar plot where the father-son dialogue suffers from the disconnection typical of the generation gap: no regrets; broken dreams, perhaps; no illusions; rather, too many disillusions concerning the future. Then Sideri, a director who has always been sensitive to socio-historical issues, zooms out and pans to the port, the factories, the fields, the industries. Nights that end with one too many drinks just when someone else gets up to go to work: the lights of the Riviera outshine the stars, dark omens of the bewilderment of the new generations, who do not always find a calēra, a path that they can follow. Indeed, paths are sometimes hidden, lost in a world where «evolution does not always mean progress».

The event will be streamed starting from 10 June at 9 pm on ravennafestival.live

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